Massage Services

Restore. Experience relaxation of body, mind and spirit with a specialized massage treatment. This head-to-toe treatment begins with a nourishing body sugar scrub that soothes and softens the skin followed by a muscle vitalizing massage - 90 minutes $90

Simply green. This massage treatment uses ground seaweed and mud to utilizes its nourishing effects to renew and energize the skin. But it doesn't stop there; this experience is followed with a full body massage - 90 minutes $90

Tone it. This massage utilizes both lymphatic and deep tissue massage to help tighten and tone your hips and thighs. This deep massage stimulates circulation to tighten and firm. -best results are repeating the process over several weeks.  - 60 minutes $65.

Swedish Massage – 70 minutes $60.00

Deep Tissue Massage – 70 minutes $70.00

Hot Stone Massage – 70 minutes $60.00


Specific Areas

Legs/Feet – 30 minutes $30.00

Back – 30 minutes $30.00

Neck/Shoulders – 30 minutes $30.00

Hands/Arms – 30 minutes $30.00

Effleurer/Exfoliation Massage $70.00

Total Body Salt/Sugar Treatment $70.00

Sugar Foot Scrub $35.00

Package Options

Experimental Massages at a reduced rate

Refer a friend and receive 10% off your next massage

2 hour Experience – a One Hour European Facial and One Hour Swedish Massage back to back $100.00

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